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This blog is all about celebrating good food - food that delights the senses and nourishes the body.

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What you'll find here is a collection of recipes inspired by family, friends, restaurants, random recipes on pinterest, or whatever is in my fridge at the moment. I have a variety of recipes - from comforting crockpot food to clean-eating meals to a plethora of quinoa dishes to my favorite on-the-go breakfast [sweet potato cups].

I enjoy a balance of healthy & indulgent. I believe in taking care of our bodies and treating them well, which includes an occasional brownie with ice cream, or a Saturday netflix/pizza binge. But I also believe in the importance of eating as many veggies as you possibly can, drinking water every hour, staying active & being outdoors, and avoiding a lifestyle of frozen dinner or fast food. 

the name

The name A Hungry Soul primarily refers to my unquenchable need for Jesus to be my all and fill my life. And it just so happens that He placed the desire & joy of cooking in my heart. And I now want to share it with YOU! 


the writer, cook, photographer & dish cleaner:

You can call me Katie. I’m a 20-something self-taught photographer and cook from Grapevine TX. I love eating food, especially while in the presence of good company. I have no formal training, but I enjoy cooking my way through cookbooks and food blogs. I believe cooking should be fun and recipes, flexible.

If I'm not cooking/eating/food blogging, I'm probably out riding my bike. Or I'm running late to work because I can't stop playing the piano.

my etsy shop // therapy journals

Along with food blogging, I also love helping people get healthy. So I've created printable journals for those struggling with a range of problems - from eating disorders to personality disorders to PTSD. Also I would love to make a custom order for you, if there's a specific idea you have in mind!

Oh and I should give credit to my fuzzy associate & crumb-catcher, Winnie Rushing: