first post!

A few things have inspired me to start a food blog: Cooking and presenting food is one of my favorite hobbies. I want to document my favorite recipes. I want accountability in my quest to cook healthy meals & limit my restaurant outings. My loving parents bought me a Canon Rebel camera, and it takes GREAT food pics!

Most of my life I have struggled with food - wanting to eat too much junk, then feeling guilty, then I try to be healthy, then I make mistakes, feel guilty again - it's an endless cycle! But because of my relationship with Jesus Christ, my family & friends, and Lysa Terkeurst's Made to Crave, I am learning that I have everything I need in Christ to live a life full of of freedom and victory. I can make healthy choices and feel empowered, not deprived. My worth and beauty come from Him alone. All He needs from me is surrender.

My goal here is to encourage others in their lifestyle and food choices. It is possible to cook healthy and tasty meals. I hope you enjoy these upcoming recipes. Most of them will be healthy, but you know, every once in a while a girl just needs to indulge!