My sweetest delicacy is the one who created me - Jesus Christ. He made this world out of nothing. He created the human race so that His love could be demonstrated, so we could have a personal relationship with him, and so He would be praised and glorified. Without Him, there is no good in me, no purpose for living, no fulfillment or peace. Without Him, I can't even love or be loved. But He died for me so that my sins could be forgiven by God. He took my place and gave me life. Because of Him, I am a beautiful daughter of the King. I'm precious to Him. He understands me, knows my every thought, and loves me unceasingly. He designed my body - every curve and beautiful flaw. He gave me purpose and hope. He lives inside of me and allows me to be in His presence. I've been washed clean and my sins are forgiven. I now have a hope for an eternal life spent with Him. He continues to shower me with blessings every day. He's my Father, Savior and Best Friend. He's always with me, and He's always with you!

Is there anything sweeter?